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On September 12, 2018, within ERASMUS+ project “Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Azerbaijani Universities” (PETRA), Teaching and Learning Center was established at Khazar University. Teaching and Learning Center consists of a board of two members, Director and Deputy Director. The main aim to establish the Center is to raise the quality of education and apply innovative and new learning methods, ensure education is based on research, and increase staff and scientific potential of Khazar University.

Teaching and Learning Center fulfills the following duties:

1. Prepare and implement education strategy of the University;

2. Organize workshops and courses in accordance with the needs of students and instructors;

3. Organize workshops and courses to ensure the quality of researches conducted by PhD students and young researchers;

4. Organize workshops for quick adaptation of instructors to university life;

5. Define and organize workshops to ensure quality teaching by instructors;

6. Organize workshops in accordance with the needs of students;

7. Organize workshops of PhD candidates and young researchers;

8. Organize workshops for undergraduate and graduate students to develop their academic writing, statistical analysis and presentation skills.